Overview page cannot be edited

My Openhab instance is configured in Dutch.
In the main UI I get the following message:

I understand I need to edit the ‘overview’ page, in dutch called “overzicht”.
If I look at my page settings, there is only 1 page present. This has the ID “overview” (not “overzicht”!) :

However, no matter how I edit this page, my main overview page does not change, and remains as ‘not configured’.
I tried adding a new page with label ID “overzicht” instead of overview, but same result and the overview page remains as not configured.

Am I doing something wrong here or is the dutch language interfering with the creation of the overview page?

same issue here,did u find a solution?

No, still haven’t found the solution. I found that it is not related to the language. I switched to English but the problem remains. I’m just unable to configure the overview page, no matter what content I add to the overview page. Would appreciate any help from the community here.

Just found the solution in this post:


You need to use responsive lay out instead of fixed lat out.

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