Owl electricity monitor

Hi, has anyone (still) got one of the OwL electricity monitor CM160 or equivalent - I need to know if I purchase an Rfxcom 433Mhz interface whether I can pair the Owl transmitter with both the rfxcom and the Owl display unit or whether I’ll lose the use of the display?

Been a while since I had my Owl CM160 up and running, but from memory both openHAB and the display unit worked at the same time. The CM160 just broadcasts RFX messages so anything listening will pick them up. I don’t think there is any sync or handshaking between the units.

So you didn’t need to pair the transmitter unit with the rfxcom?

Nope - the RFXCOM just saw the energy readings getting published - enable RFXCOM binding debug logging and you will see the packets arriving, with the appropriate ID and then you can configure your RFXCOM item bindings (again all from memory from a few years ago!). One thing, you need to ensure your RFXCOM is configured to receive those packet types - using the RFXManager software. It may well just work with default settings, I can’t recall sorry.

Hi I’ve just setup an OWL 160 with Openremote. When I look at the rfxmanager output it is giving me Watts and KWH. In the OpenHab debug log is it showing Amps. I have 3 phase electricity so I am not sure if this is accurate. Is there anyway just to get the Watts information which ties in with the actual output from the device?

On my CM160 one of the settings is voltage - so I think the CM160 itself only actually reads amps from the clamp, then multiplies that by volts (here is set to 230V in UK) to give a readout in Watts. You should be able to do the same with a rule in openHAB

yes this seems to be the case I’ve set up a rule and this works fine cheers