Own openhabcloud for OH3

hello community! i’m struggling with nginx of my own openhab-cloud configuration. i’ve cloned and customized the github repository, everithing works well except nginx reverse proxy configuration to manage OH3 instances. setting up an OH3 installation to work with official cloud, url is https://myopenhab.org so via browser the link that will forward to the client points to home.openhab.org. that’s what i miss! my own cloud home page always points to cloud.domoticaundici.it (alter ego of myopenhab.org) and not to home.domoticaundici.it (alter ego of home.openhab.org) for the installation’s dashboard. attached there is my nginx configuration. i’ve disabled load balancing because it’s all on one server for now. cannot understand how to manage the “upgrade”. oh2 installations works perfectly, android app works with the sitemap of basicui.
last: going directly via browser to home.domoticaundici.it and inserting user/password i can access my installation, but i have to login twice: first in cloud.domoticaundici.it and then in home.domoticaundici.it
what to do? thanks in advance!
cloud.domoticaundici.it.txt (5.5 KB)