OwnTracks binding upgrade

I would like to upgrade the existing MQTTitude OH1 binding to add HTTP mode support as the OwnTracks advises to use this mode with Android 6 or higher. I suppose it should be moved to OH2 addons repository as well.

You mean that you want to further develop the code of the MQTTitude binding to add HTTP mode support?

If you make it work like a 2.x binding (with Things, Channels, Discovery, etc) then yes :slight_smile:

I would not drop the MQTT support. I think the HTTP mode should be an alternative. And YES to all Things, Channels, Discovery things…

I can’t help with the development, but I would be interested to test the new features out when you publish an alpha version of the 2.x OwnTracks binding (with HTTP support) :slight_smile:

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where can I find this info?

I checked on:

  1. https://owntracks.org/booklet/tech/http/
  2. https://github.com/owntracks/recorder#http-mode

and I didn’t see such advise.

I use MQTT mode for my clients and it works fine (for 2 years now)


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I’ve created a new topic as this became a completely new binding

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