OwnTracks configuration


I have been searching the www for some time now and unable to find a good explanation how to configure/use the OwnTracks binding.

I’m new to openhab and am testing the possibilities, to see if it can replace my current home automation solution.
Currently I try to get owntracks working.

I have installed the binding ans using cloudmqtt as my broker.
Therefore added the following connection data in the mqttitude.cfg file:

Now I would expect that I have to add a thing into the PaperUI, but can’t find how to do this.
I only read about adding a item in the items file.
So I have done this, but the item state doesn’t show in the logging.
I have the following item in the items file:
Switch Presence_mymobile “Phone@Home” { mqttitude=“mosquitto:owntracks/trackmobile/mymobile/event:home” }

Does someone know what I’m doing wrong here?


Not exactly, but you should cut the problem in smaler pieces.

1.) Does owntracks connect to your mqtt broker?

2.) Are you able to connect to your mqtt broker from within your network? I mqttspy for that.

3.) If you are subscribung to the topic # (all Topics) did your get some messages from owntracks?

4.) I would not go with the mqttitude binding, i would use the mqtt binding, becase geofencing is done by owntracks on its own

5.) Configure mqtt.conf so that is able to log into the mqtt broker

6.) Define some Items, here are mine as an example

        String MO_SP_Disorganizer_Transition "Letzte Transition Disorganiser (Thomas) [%s]" <message_info> (MO_SP_Disorganizer) {mqtt="<[mqtt:owntracks/disorganiser/disorganiser/event:state:default]"} 
        String MO_SP_Disorganizer_Location "Letzte Position Disorganiser (Thomas) [%s]" <message_info> (MO_SP_Disorganizer) {mqtt="<[mqtt:owntracks/disorganiser/disorganiser:state:default]"} 
        Number MO_SP_Disorganizer_BatteryLevel "Disorganiser (Thomas) [%d %%]" <measure_battery_50> (MO_SP_Disorganizer, GRP_BatteryHelper, GRP_BatteryLevel) {mqtt="<[mqtt:owntracks/disorganiser/disorganiser:state:JSONPATH($.batt)]"}

With the Transition item you should get the last event like entering or leaving a geofence and Location gives the last location and BatteryLevel is selfexplanatory.


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Hello Thomas,

Thank you for your reply.

The owntrack app is connecting to a remote mqtt, cloudmqtt.
I also added the connection info in the owncloud binding config file.
I only have no idea how to find out if its connecting, but my current system (Home Assistant) works fine.

You wrote not to use the owncloud binding, but shouldn’t this binding retrieve the data from de broker and create the item?
Otherwise what is the use for this binding?
In Home Assistant it works more or less the same I think, there you activate and connect with the cloudmqtt.
It’s retrieving the data and creating the devices.
I expected the same with the owntracks binding.

I guess I could use the local mqtt broker to connect to the cloudmqtt.
I will install this one an see If I can set this up.

I’ll keep you informed.



I have configured the mqtt broker to connect to the cloudmqtt.
I also have seen that it connecting to it, so this looks promising.

After some tweaking with the item values I finally retrieved data!
Thank you Thomas for you’re help.

Stil no idea what about the owntrack binding, but this works.