OwnTracks location coordinates as location name

unfortunately I can’t find anything in the forum or in the documentation or I’m too stupid to understand it.
In the app, I create locations to trigger triggers, that’s clear. But now I want to display the names of the known locations in a string item as soon as the switch is triggered for it.
My idea is, once the switch goes ON convert the coordinates to the name of the location and post it to the item.

Does anyone have an idea how I can realize this or a link for me?

I’m using OwnTracks in combination with the gpstracker Binding.
With this binding you get a Region trigger channel where you can also read out the name via a rule and store it in a separate item

Maybe that’s also a way for you…

@mwildbolz, I was blind… I found the solution in the documents. Trigger Channel → String Item = Region Trigger.
Thanks for your answer anyway, that would have been the solution.