OwnTracks (MQTTITUDE) Binding Region/Waypoint Enhancement Request

To @ben_jones12 and the rest of the binding’s contributors,

A wishlist item.

If you are not crossing a geofence, there’s no “trigger” to have the device send an event… and potentially openHAB is in a state where it doesn’t have much of a clue what region the device is in.

How about something like this?

  • When a OwnTracks client connects, the openHAB binding requests that the client send its configured waypoints.
  • Periodically (e.g., daily?), the binding sends a request to each connected device for a waypoints refresh (in case the client changed or added waypoints).
  • With the waypoint definitions in hand, when an OwnTracks location message is received, MQTTITUDE can determine the distance from the center point to the current location and figure out if it falls in or out of the radius.
  • In turn, MQTTITUDE can then set the state of the presence within each defined region accordingly.


P.S. If I had a clue as to how to go about it, I’d be willing to contribute.