OwnTracks (MQTTITUDE) Binding Travel Metrics Enhancement Request

To @ben_jones12 and the rest of the binding’s contributors,

A wishlist item.

An additional use for the manual binding configuration - travel metrics using the Google Maps Platform Distance Matrix API. In addition to calculating the “crow flies” distance, would provide travel distance (based on tramsportation mode and detours) and duration (accounting for real-time delay conditions)

Bining configuration:

  • Geofence (as it exists currently in “manual” mode)
  • Actual distance (crow flies, straight line)
  • Travel distance (shortest route)
  • Travel duration (per time of day norms, w/o real-time conditions)
  • Current travel duration (

MQTTITUDE would provide these metrics for use in rules and automation.


P.S. If I had a clue as to how to go about it, I’d be willing to contribute.