Owntracks on iOS: Not reporting correct position

Hi there, if there is anyone using OwnTracks on iOS to find out if someone is at home or not: I have an issue also reported on GitHub but maybe you have a different approach of addressing it.

I use Owntracks to report being at home or not which worked fine. But now I’m facing issues that my position is not reported correctly even though the app knows my correct position. So it has nothing to do with being in the background iOS restrictions of geolocation etc.

See also Github issue on: [https://github.com/owntracks/ios/issues/584#issue-453772334]

Yep: drop your iPhone :slight_smile:
There’s known issues on iOS. FWIW, there’s an owntracks forum which is probably the better place to discuss these.

or just use the iCloud binding? No 3rd party app needed, works great…

I already use the iCloud binding which really works well. But with a lack of 5 minutes in between the updates I can’t live when controlling things when I come home: Just as an example: a light that’s switched on 5 minutes after you arrive in darkness is not of much use. I could live with this lack when leaving, but not when arriving home. Is there any other presence detection method? Even the Network Binding has some latency.

I have a “mobile phone” presence detection based on WiFi, but this solution need a little coding.
I insist on “phone”. Because you can forget it at home.

In my situation, I have a flow in Node Red which check MAC addresses of connected device to the WiFi of my ISP box (Livebox 4 if you live in France).
This can be done also on openWRT/LEDE.

What I now found: Node-RED has a really great bt-presence node. It can update every 5sec and you can place multiple in your house. Also it doesnt consume much more energy, like the constant device update polling does