OwnTracks, OpenHAB2, and HTTP Binding over myopenhab.org

There’s a lot of good examples and troubleshooting information out there on using OwnTracks in an MQTT setup. On the other hand, OwnTracks recommends that we use the HTTP bindings on Android 6+ because Google changed the way that background processes are managed, and failure to persistent TCP connections will result in a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much out there on using the HTTP bindings, especially with regards to the documentation on OwnTracks or OpenHAB2.

My progress thus far:

  1. The HTTP URL in the documentation is wrong. It should use the home.myopenhab.org domain name (not myopenhab.org) in the connection settings in the OwnTracks app.
  2. The app appears to now be communicating with the OpenHAB2 server, occasionally updating the location, but I don’t know how to set this up in the PaperUI to use geofences to control switches. Further, OpenHAB doesn’t seem to have any awareness of the geofences configured in the Android app.
  3. The existing tutorials make heavy use of the configuration files, but all of my attempts as of yet have been futile, since I can’t seem to swap the MQTT settings for valid HTTP ones.

Can anyone exemplify a setup that works?

Have you seen the GPSTracker Binding. i Started yesterday with it and it supports the http connection using myopenhab. Setup was a matter of minutes