Owntracks with private Openhab-cloud

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(Anjana) #1

Have anyone configured Owntracks through a private openhab-cloud? Wondering what it takes to point owntracks to a private openhab-cloud instead of openhab at home/office behind a firewall.

(Felix) #2

Yes I did, but it has nothing to do with the Obenhab-cloud itself

I have a private root server with the obenhab-cloud and a “secure” mqtt server installed on.
My smartphone has the Owntracks app with the secure mqtt server configured.
At home i have a raspberry Pi with openhab. (there I have another internal mqtt server running)
openhab knows both of the mqtt servers and my owntrack items use the secure mqtt server.

(Felix) #3

(Anjana) #4

Thanks for the reply and time taken to nicely illustrate it @Felix_Raetz

My implementation is through http, not through mqtt. So I may have to do something more at the private openhab-cloud side than that is mu guess.