Page example but also working for OH4

i found this Page and this looks really nice the @BG56 widget:
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i like the widget “Cell_Light_Color_Card_2
no the first question - do they work with oh4?
How to fill it with life?
have a nice day

Hi Vinc,
yes the widgets work with the newest OH 4 version. For design reasons only, I have adjusted the widgets a bit (change switch symbol).

Vielen Dank, Perfect - so i will have to find out how to use it!
A first test it’s just plain empty

You have to create a page and add the needed widgets to the page.

Then on every widget you need to click on the symbol
and then on “configure widget” to configure the parameters of the item which you want to control with the widget.

In the widget “Cell_Light_Color_Card_2 ” there is only one item “color” (Hue,Saturation,Brightness) with which you can set a idividual color. The 8 different colors are fix defined within the widget. To modify these color you have to edit the color values within the widget or add 8 color parameters to the widget. I hope this helps to start.

far from Perfect :slight_smile:
but the buttons to change color works