Page not refreshing

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: 386 server
    • OS: _Debian 9
    • openHAB version: 2.4

Dear all.
I’m having a problem for some time that I need Your help to try to solv it.
I have this frame un my Sitemap

" Text item=U_Sala2 {
Frame {
Text item=Sala_Vitrin_Temp label=“Temp. Sala [%.1f°C]” visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Main_light_Sala2
Switch item=SalaCinemasby
Text item=SalaCinemasby_watt visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Text item=SalaCinemasby_CCwatt visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Sala_CPE visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Sala_Ambient visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Sala_Vitrin visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Sala_Nixie visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]
Switch item=Sala_Vu visibility=[SalaCinemasby==ON]

All this switches are available to the user, just when the switch “SalaCinemasby” in in the ON state.
My problem is that on the Android APP when I turm “SalaCinemasby” to ON state the visible switches are not shown automaticaly (I need to change frame or do a refresh for them to be showm), in the browser it works great.
Any Ideas.


Topic is misleading.
You are asking about a UI Problem with the Android App.

All Switches are ONLY available when “SalaCinemasby” is ON?
So on press of “SalaCinemasby” all other Buttons appear?

I have changed the category