Page overview not in sidemap

Hello I started new installation and openhabian/overview shows the wanted results . But the sidemap item Homepage is an other page. How to get „overview“ into the sidemap ?

Can you please share some screenshots? The descriptions seems to be a bit vague…

Hello, the image openHAB_overview is result of /overview.
Cllick on sidebar item Homepage results in openHAB_Homepage

The page overview is no longer to access.

What to do ?

Thank you

Ah, it’s about the sidebar.
So, you did create an extra page and placed it into the sidebar (i.e. Main UI->Administration->Configuration->Pages->Add (the white plus in the blue circle down right corner)->Create Layout->setup Label , then click on Sidebar & Visibility->activate Show on sidebar)
It should be clear that you have to configure that page on your own.

You can always get to the overview by clicking the big openHAB logo on the left upper corner, so no need to add the overview to the sidebar.
Please be aware that by using the Semantic Model in the correct way, you will get nice additional overviews by location, device and property on the bottom of the overview.

Hallo und vielen Dank für die Antwort. Das mit dem Logo war mir neu.
Kann ich irgendwie es reparieren, dass Home Page in der Sitemap zur Anzeige von overview führt ?
Vielen Dank im Voraus. Mit freundlichen Grüssen Klaus-Dieter Brinkmann

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Well, simply delete the page labeled “Home Page” in the list of available pages. You can’t delete the overview page and you can’t link this page to the sidebar

Please be aware that Sitemap is a reserved word in openHAB, this is another way of configuring a UI (in openHAB only BasicUI, but in older versions there were ClassicUI and even GreenT (rest in peace!).
Here we’re talking about the sidebar.