Pages, Models, Widgets and the iOS app

Hello Friends,
Noob question, I’m using OpenHAB 3.1 and I created control Groups with Items in them, all defined in the Models section.
Can the iOS app display and control the groups and items directly in the app based on the Model data I already configured, or is it necessary to create a separate Sitemap file in order to control the system from the mobile app?

Based on the docs it appears the iOS app only supports Sitemaps. You’ll have to use the browser to view HABPanel or MainUI.

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Unfortunately only Sitemaps are supported. Hopefully this will change with a new app version.
I got all my items with the semantic model grouped for location, type, etc. Would be nice if the iOS app could use this view.

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It definitely will, but there is a lot more work to do, so no eta yet.


Thanks everyone.
I learned something new :pray:

I am also looking forward for this!

Sadly I can’t help programming because I am no developer, but if you need someone for testing just let me know!