$$$ paid Arduino Uno Ethernet, MQTT job

Anyone interested in a paid job. (I just need somewhere to start)

  1. Write a sketch for an Arduino Uno (Ethernet shield), so openhab2 via MQTT can control the GPIO pins high or low via Switches in the openhab2 menu. Also require the Arduino to publish back to Openhab to confirm it is on.
  2. Write the home.items file, write the home.sitemap file to have this working.
  3. Help me get it up and running.

Where I am at
I have a fresh default Openhab2 install (other than MQTT binding) running on a Raspberry Pi,
I have MQTT Mosquitto running and tested.
I can send basic MQTT commands via Putty to turn single outputs on and off. (Not via openhab).
//Arduino 00:aa:bb:cc:de:07
//MQTT Broker
//OpenHab Server b8:27:eb:68:ed:3b

Why am I going to pay someone
I am busy, I have a renovation happening on my house, I have 3 kids under 5, I have a full time job, I have a business I also run , I have no ability in programming, I have a wife that’s like a Rottweiler when she is angry, and yes I am under the thumb.

Now that that’s out of the way. Is anyone interested in this Job? And for how much?
Email me if interested and you have the ability fffvic@gmail.com
(I am happy to pay you prior to you sending me the code).

Happy to help without the payment part, no need for that, :slight_smile:

Let me get home this afternoon and I’ll send you some mails.

Thanks a million Rob. I will make sure I sort something out for you in

You Have mail, its a starting point, although this is not an Arduino forum it will be the first step.

OH2 detail to follow once we know the Arduino is responding as required.

Dears, can someone provide me the same instructions.
I’m stuck
Thank you