Pairing of Somfy blinds & Enocean devices

  • openHAB version: openHAB 2.4.0-1

Is it humanly or otherwisely possible to pair Somfy blinds/awnings with the RfxCom transmitter without unpairing them from my existing controller (Zipabox). It’s going to be a long time before I have all the devices and rules I need for blind/awning control in OH, and in the meantime I need the existing setup to carry on working. But my reading suggests that the pairing process involves generating new IDs/codes, which would presumably break the old pairing…? If I could somehow find out what unit code and ID the Zipabox were using for each device, perhaps I could specify the same numbers when pairing with the Rfxcom, and thus retain both pairings? I’ve no idea if I can find that out, though.

A similar question for pairing Enocean devices: if I use teach-in/discovery to pair my Enocean devices with openHab, does this break the pairing with the existing controller, because the IDs change?

Hi David,

Even if it were possible to use the Unit ID and Unit Code from the Zipabox you should reuse them. That will make the rolling key go out of sync and will give problems.

The motor needs to be programmed using a Unit ID and a Unit Code. You can simply make up your own combination. The motor can be paired with 10 or 16 (I’m not sure from the top of my head) remote controls (Unit ID and Unit Code combinations). So as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of Unit IDs and Unit Codes stored in the motor you can simply add one for the RfxCom. Just make sure that for each motor you use a unique combination, otherwise all motors with the same combination will start moving (unless that is what you want of course).

Check out this topic: Howto: OpenHAB2, RFXCOM and Somfy RTS Rollershutters

I’m currently close to a deadline for my thesis, so I can’t promise that I have time to visit the forum the coming days, but I’m sure there are others who can help you out should you have any questions.

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Ahh, well that’s great information. So you can pair with more than one remote, and each one can use a different code/ID combination? I suppose I can try it with one and see what happens.

Good luck with the thesis. I know what that’s like.

Thanks! During their midlife crises some choose to buy a motorcycle, I chose to pick up a study. I’m not sure if that was the right choice :wink:

Why not? I doubt you’ll regret it.

I was just kidding :slight_smile: There are very few things in life that I regret. Not finishing my study when I was younger was by far on top of the list.

Four years ago I picked up my study next to my full-time job. Tuesday I need to hand everything in and then early July I need to defend my work for the board. It’s not really a thesis by the way. We have the option of writing a thesis and of building a portfolio. I chose to build a portfolio, it’s more practical and less theoretical.

It will be fantastic to finally have a Bsc. in software engineering at the age of 48. I’ll be that guy, fresh from school with 25 years of experience, companies are always searching for :slight_smile:

Got the blinds working. Thanks!

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