Pairing Osram Smart+ with Echo Dot 3 using ZigBee

I just got the new Echo Dot 3 from amazon (it’s on sale for 29,95!). The basic setup has been done, also the integration in openHAB - so far so good, but I’m struggling to pair a Osram Smart+ plug.

AFAIK the new EchoDot 3 has ZigBee, which eliminates the Osram hub, so I could directly control the plug with the Echo Dot, but Alexa doesn’t find it (I tried “Alexa find devices” and also kicking it from the App). I pressed the button on the plug until you hear the click, but Alexa doesn’t find the device.

Does anyone has experience with pairing ZigBee devices with Echo Dot 3 or Echo Plus?
Are those devices directly controllable with openHAB (e.g. through the Alexa Control binding)?

I found the problem: The EchoDot 3 doesn‘t have a ZigBee hub, only the EchoPlus has onr🙄

If you still want to eliminate the Osram hub, zigbee2mqtt works well. I have no idea about the cost of Osram hub but you can get a CC2531 USB stick from China for around $6-7 that connects up to 15 devices.

hmm, interesting. Maybe I look into that. Thx

Do you habe a url where to order? amazon list them around $40 that‘s worth the value.

I found the Shelly products using WiFi, may I go with them

Link to CC2531

Also see here for a list of parts needed to flash the USB stick as well as the instructions for setup and use.