Pairing Philips Hue Bluetooth bulb with Zigbee binding

I feel that I must be doing something stupid! Has anyone managed to add a Hue Bluetooth bulb via the standard Zigbee binding?

I have a number of zigbee devices working fine with the CC2531, but today thought I should try some of the popular Philips Hue bulbs, but I’m having a nightmare with them!

Looking online seems to indicate that I need to put the bulb into pairing mode using the dimmer switch. Unfortunately, I don’t have a dimmer, just the bulbs. I can control them via the app over Bluetooth. I had hoped the app would have an option to put them in pairing mode, but no, the closest I got was setting them to discovering mode for Alexa or Google Home, but when in that mode scanning via openhab ui 3.0.1 finds nothing.

I’m completely stuck, would anyone have any advice? Thanks.

There is two Hue apps:

Philips Hue
Philips Hue Bluetooth

Have you tried the bluetooth one?
I am not shure how well the Hue bulbs fall back to a pre Zigbee v3 coordinator. There my be something there too.

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Yea its the Bluetooth one I tried. It lets me control them over bluetooth and also allows me to enter into discovery mode and my Echo discovers it. But openhab just will not find them when I scan (before they are paired with Echo).

These are the bulbs Philips Hue White E14 with Bluetooth LWE002 Zigbee compatibility info

They show they work with Zigbee2MQTT so hoped OH zigbee binding would work. I’m a bit stuck on the pairing instructions as I don’t have a Hue bridge or dimmer switch.

Think I might return them and have a go with the ikea e14 bulbs!

I have no doubt that Hue bulbs have better build quality.
Ikeas have some very anoying firmware bugs; they can crash and must be power cycled, sometimes they must be factory reset and they ignore one of colortemperature or dimmer settings when sent close in time.

How good a match the cc stick is to a zigbee v3 Hue bulb is what I am wondering…

Me too. I was wondering if anyone else has this working with LWE002. I really just want some e14 bulbs that work with the zigbee binding and a cc coordinator. It’s a shame Sonoff
does not make any as I have had good success with their plug sockets.

The whole zigbee world is rapidly going to v3.
My thinking is that the coordinator should be zigbee v3 capable too.
Unfortunately finding a coordinator is not so easy.
i have a Bitronvideo stick, but comes with old firmware.
I just ordered the new Sonoff/Itead EFR32-based USB stick in hope that it will handle the newer zigbee v3 products.
(I do not buy any zigbee devices that is not zigbee certified)

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The Itead looks great, nice to see an affordable 3.0 dongle on the way. Would be interested to know how you get on with it. I had hoped the new Hue bulbs would be ok with the cc. But as you indicated, maybe it’s an issue with it being a v3 incompatibility, although some of my other devices are v3 and work fine, but probably not fully certified.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has got Hue bulbs working with the CC as the binding wiki page does mention hue is compatible. As much as I love zigbee, sometime I miss the simplicity of X10 lol.

Big :+1: on this point.

I had hoped to get one, but unfortunately can’t at the moment (my situation is complex with banks, addresses and countries all messed up while I move). I’d be interested to know how it goes - it should be fine. I would like to get one at some point and improve on the standard firmware which I suspect comes with it to make it a bit/lot better… That might be a few months away for me though unfortunately.

Hm, I wonder if I could order one for you.
But I do not know how taxes work for things like this in NZ.

I will report how this works out as soon as the stick finds its way from China to Norway :slight_smile:

Had another go at the Hue bulbs but no luck, think I’m going to give up with them on my CC2531 setup. Has anyone got the LWE002 working with the CC?

The Zigbee binding page does show devices that are supported, but I wonder if anyone knows anywhere with a little more information. It would be great if there was a section that allowed you to report devices that work with a specific coordinator as I think this would be a massive help.

I’m now on the lookout for different e14 bulbs and further down the line, some switches, trv’s, and temp sensors. I’m just concerned it’s going to be trial and error and I know I can try a different coordinator or zigbee2mqtt, but I don’t really have the time or money at the moment.

If there was somewhere where you could report what works with the zigbee binding and your coordinator I think it would make the whole process less of a headache. I already have a number of zigbee devices that I could report that work with the CC2531. If this information is already out there please point me in the right direction :blush:

Thanks for the offer. At the moment I don’t even have an address where I will be for more than 2 weeks so it’s not so simple even. Hopefully in a month or two we’ll have somewhere to stay and NZ credit cards and it will be possible to get one.

This isn’t very easy to do since there are a huge number of possibilities. It is not just CC2531 and Ember coordinators - it is the firmware version that matters, and this means there are dozens of different coordinator options, and hundreds of devices. In your case, I don’t even know what coordinator you have so I don’t know how you will even report this?

I do understand there might be a lot of different variations. But I’m confused, I thought the CC2531 was the coordinator? It’s flashed with the latest z-stack-home firmware as indicated on the OpenHAB Zigbee binding page. It was just an idea.

It is.

Ok, but just saying “the latest” doesn’t mean a lot. It is much better to state a number - someone reading this in a day or a month, won’t have a clue what “the latest” is. There are a LOT of different firmware versions out there that people are using, and they will all likely work differently. It’s not the hardware that is important - it’s the software version that matters…


I have a Samsung SmartThings Hub (ZigBee certified) and 2 Philips Hue bulbs (ZigBee certified). It is not possible to pair the Hue bulbs with the SmartThings hub. The official way is to pair the Hue bulbs with a Hue hub and then connect both hubs.That’s not what I would call “standards compliant”. And if I’m forced to purchase each vendor’s hub ending up with a zoo of gateways then I’m wondering going with ZigBee was the right decision.


I guess if companies like Samsung prevent certain bulbs being connected, then that’s their implementation. There should be nothing stopping this from a protocol perspective.

Then don’t do this - use something like openHAB and the Zigbee binding - you don’t require the hubs at all - just a simple dongle that will work with all different bulbs!

Edit: Just another thought - you said the “official” way is to use the different hubs? Who states this? Philips and Samsung? If so, of course they will say that - they want you to buy all the hubs, and probably from a support perspective if you ring up Hue support and say you have some other device connected, they may not support - that doesn’t mean it might not work (again - I don’t know as I don’t have any of these hubs - I just use the devices with Zigbee dongles).

Or not in my case, for Hue at least :laughing:

Has anyone got the LWE002 Hue bulbs working with the zigbee binding?

When you walk through the pairing process using the Samsung SmartThings app you are asked to provide a Hue hub or a Hue ID. So you can’t pair Hue bulbs directly like Ikea bulbs (which work ok on my SmartThings hub very well). Again: this is not my understanding of a standard.

I know that I could use an USB dongle. My OpenHAB is running in a Docker container on a NAS. I didn’t want to put effort in passing an USB dongle connected to the NAS to the container. This is why I preferred an IP connection rather than a serial or USB connection.

My conclusion: be very careful if a vendor claims to be “ZigBee certified” and develop your own best practices.


Just one question, how did you pair it to begin with? I have the same bulb and the same CC2531, but “scan” shows nothing

Same here, sorry it’s not working for you too, but kind of pleased it’s not just me. The instructions mention using a hue dimmer switch to enable pair mode but don’t have any hue dimmers. The closest I got was setting them to discovering mode for Alexa or Google Home from the bluetooth app, but when in that mode scanning via openhab ui 3.0.1 finds nothing. They are discovered by alexa tho.

I have now returned them and going to try a different brand. But if I keep getting issues like this I may switch to zigbee2mqtt. I would prefer not to run another service and broker for zigbee but mqtt service seem very well supported.