Panasonic aircon connection wifi or modbus?

I’ want to connect my aircon Panasonic to my openhab. But there are two modules one is the wifi the other is modbus. I’m using modbus to connect to my nilan-compact and that works well.
There is some info on a comfort cloud binding panasonic but that dates back to openhab2 i believe.
Any advice if that still runs on openhab 4 or if there are arguments to go for the modbus interface.

There is a PCC binding available; Panasonic Comfort Cloud binding [3.3.0;3.5.0)
Here is the OH4 version; Release Latest Build · seime/openhab-panasoniccomfortcloud · GitHub

I wrote this binding but I’ve moved away from using the PCC service due to breaking API changes and instabilities.

So I recommend you stick to anything that gives local control; Modbus, the Intesis, ESPHome or something else.

Also see Best Air Conditioner for OpenHAB integration in 2023 - #4 by seime

Thanks , i’ll go for the modbus communication.