Panasonic Comfort Cloud integration

Your latest WIP5 / Alpha 5 build has done the job.
Great news! :smiley: It works!
So it seems that Panasonic implemented some undocumented workaround to solve the slash by replacing it with a lower case ‘f’.
Thanks, you’ve nailed it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Additionally, just for info as you also added meanwhile the support for type 1 (somebody mentioned it also on the app store), the type 1 device with wifi add-on is not showing correct temperatures. It shows an incorrect fixed value inside temperature (126 degrees) and unless the airco is effectively on it does not provide the correct outside temperature either (also 126 if not on). Probably a fault in the Panasonic airco and/or WIFI module…

Thanks again for the great work you did!!!