Panasonic Comfort Cloud integration

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(Yogi) #1

I would like to ask, if somebody already using or developing connection to Panasonic comfort cloud. I have panasonic airconditioner with builtin wifi module, and it comunicates trough Panasonic Comfort Cloud. I cannot find any addon or binding for openhab.
Only what I found was some project for HA or python script, but I wasn’t able to successfully connect.
Here are some project what I found.

If somebody can help me, it will be great.

(Vincent Regaud) #2

I would use the python module in a python script with mqtt as the communication with OH

(Yogi) #3

Now, I’m able to connect to airconditioner with pcomfortcloud python script. There were some issue with ssl but it’s possible to connect without ssl. But what about mqtt?

(Vincent Regaud) #4

(Yogi) #5

As I understand, mqtt will help me only to send commands to airconditioner, right?
Now, I’m able to do that without mqtt, with one python script, just by changing arguments. But what I still miss, is listening changes from airconditioner. It works fine, when I start it from openhab, but now I don’t know if somebady turned it on by remote controller.

(Vincent Regaud) #6

No, you can receive messages with mqtt too

(Yogi) #7

Sure, but then there should be something which will send that messages. I’m not sure, but that script just connect to cloud and get/set data. But it works on demand. I didn’t saw there any listener which will send data on some change.