Paper UI and Expire Binding


I am a beginner at openHAB so please be patient with me.

I want to use a homematic switch as a “push button” - therefore if I switch the switch on it shall automatically be switched of after 1 second.

I saw an interesting binding: “Expire” - it seems that with help of this binding it is possible to realize this behavior.

The documentation is quite good but until now I have used the Paper-UI to create my Things and Items.

This is my problem. The documentation is based on item files.

Is it possible to configure the “Expire” binding at an Item via Pape-UI?
If not - what is my work-around?

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The expire binding cannot be set on items via the paper UI.
I am afraid but you will have to get into the items files


Switch mySwitch "This Switch" { expire="1s,command=OFF" }

Good luck

Thanks for the fast answer.
Is there an easy way to convert a Paper-UI created item to an item file?

You need to create an items file: eg. myitems.items in the items folder of your conf directory
and inside the file write my example above only replace mySwitch with the name of your item that you can get from the paper UI
Once you start working with the items files you will find that it is much more powerful that the UI


Some years back, but still the same question for me. I normally work with item-files, except a Jeelink Sensor topic is handled via GUI. Does a way exist today at v4.1 to add Expire @GUI level…

Create the item, then add metadata to it.