Paper UI change to page on item change

Using the habpanel you were able to open a diffrent page as soon as an item updated. Is this also possible in the new OpenHAB 3 paper ui?
Update item → goto page spcified in item

Not really, no. The overall concept of the MainUI (not PaperUI, that was OH2 only) and HabPanel are too different. The MainUI is a single unified interface that is accessed by all the users of the OH instance at the same time. How would OH know, when an item changed, which MainUI instance to send the page change command?

Well one of the ideas I had was to somehow automaticlly bring up a keypad / alarm windows when to main door get’s opened. I guess there is no way to do that then.

You can control the visibility of widgets though. So you probably cannot change the page but you should be able to show or hide certain elements on a page. I just recently read a thread where this was done for a keypad but I would have to search for this as well now…

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That’s a slightly different story. As @DrRSatzteil points out that could be as simple as the visible property of a widget on a page.

There are other ways of doing this as well. Another option would be to create a page with a popup. An f7-popup has a opened property. This you can set to an expression that includes an item state. You’ll want you logic to be a little more involved than just the state of the door (i.e., was the alarm system just deactivated only 5 minutes ago. is there already someone present int he house, etc.), of course. But a rule could implement the logic required and change a proxy item connected to the popup’s property as appropriate. This way the popup could also be closed by action on the UI not just by closing the door again.

Keep in mind: either of these options will still result in the UI changing on every instance of the UI. However, if you make a special page just for the panel by the door, then it won’t interfere with others who may be using the UI in some other context because they will be on a different page without the door-alarm widget.

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yes, you can.
sorry for being late, but if you need a working example, it is here: