Paper UI Dashboard?

Hi all,

what is the idea of following line(s) in the index.html of Paper UI out of the Alpha 2 snapshot?

<!-- li><a href="#"><span class="icon icon-dashboard"></span>Dashboard</a></li-->
<!-- li><a href="#"><span class="icon icon-cogs"></span>Automation</a></li-->

I understand that it is commented, but is there something coming?

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Maybe it is a hint on “One More Thing” :wink:

Danke :wink:

Everything may or may not be. Do I need to activate them myself? If I would like to use it?

No, there aren’t any hidden features that you could manually activate. You either have to help implementing them or to be patient 8-). For further details on what is worked on, please refer to

I’m just wondering…

I will maybe try to bring up something for the dashboard or status overview.

I work on an LCARS UI design based mainly on the current implementation of Paper UI already mentioned to Thomas Eichstädt.

But to make my idea real I need to slightly restructure the menu used in Paper UI and add other stuff to it, for the purpose of my own future usage.

I will open a separate thread and share my current playground.

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