Paper UI: No values from Fibaro FGMS-001


I have same problem like shown here:

It is marked as solved … but it seems that this problem never has been solved.
To use another UI is not solving the problem himself.

I also found this:

… but this said it´s problem in Paper UI.

I took a look in log … the binding works. The changes off channels sensor_binary and alarm_motion are logged with ON/OFF values.

How can i get the values in Paper UI ?



PaperUI is an AdminUI, showing the actual states of items is just an additional feature and only for those items that are linked to channels.
Furthermore PaperUI won’t be part of the coming openHAB3.
For both reason such a bug will not be worked on.
Use any UI meant for the daily use (sitemaps via a BasicUI or any smartphone app or HABPanel ) to show the actual states of any item.

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Does this mean there is no Admin UI anymore in Openhab 3 ?

A system without a ui is not a suitable system for many user. Most User need a ui to handle a system like Openhab.
Configure everthing in files or command line is not really user friendly.

A also own a Homematic CCU … the UI is also from passt century … but better than no UI.

A good system really needs o modern UI. The UI is first impression a user gets on first start.
No product without a good UI will be successfully on market.

PaperUI will be replaced (sorry I should have phrased more precisely) by a new UI.

What happens with HAPPanel ?

Will is also be replaced?
I plan to build a Magic Mirror and Openhab should be supplier of data and rule engine.

Until now i did not now which UI i will use.
HAPPanel, Magic Mirror 2 or a complete self developed Web UI (maybe based on Telerik kendo UI and Angular).

Until now i use a lightwight self developed UI hosted in /html folder in openhab.
I own a E3DC PV and use Modbus binding and influxdb. All diagramms are Build with Telerik kendo UI. These diagramms works better on mobile devices as Grafana.

I don’t think so!