Paper UI not working anymore

Hello guys,

after having some trouble with some milight switches and paper ui(switches not showing in paper UI dashboard), i thought it would be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the paper UI binding. But after installing it again, it didn’t appear on my main site like all other UIs.
Is there a kown problem? Or a kown solution for this issue?

EDIT: I’m using latest unstable version.

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I don’t know of a registered issue on this (although I didn’t check github lately to verify)…

Whenever I have similar problems, I try the following:
edit the /etc/openhab2/services/addons.cfg file and set:

package = expert
ui =  basic,paper,habpanel,habmin

Stop OH2, clear /var/lib/openhab2/tmp/ and /var/lib/openhab2/cache/ and start OH2

Of course, check logs: tail -f /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log

Hello Dim,

thanks for your fast response. After doing your instructions, it solved my paper ui issue. THANKS !!

I’m able to use paper ui but there are no switches .

Switch Wohnzimmerlicht
[ "Lighting"] 
{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}

When i’m using other ui’s, there are no issues with these switches.
Any Idea why?

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You mean in the Control section of PaperUI?
Try to set the Location parameter of the respective Thing to something (e.g. Milight or something) and a new tab (named Milight) should appear in the Control Section of PaperUI with all the items that are linked to the channels of the thing.

These are my Items:

// Licht im Wohnzimmer

Switch Wohnzimmerlicht
[ "Lighting"] 
{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}

Color Wohnzimmerfarbe
[ "Lighting" ] 
{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledcolor"}
Switch Wohnzimmerweiss
[ "Lighting" ] 
{ channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledwhitemode"}

And this is the result:

My first switch is missing since 4-5 Updates.

and this Switch item (Wohnzimmerlicht) works in other UIs (like Basic)?

Can you post a screenshot of the thing channels? (that shows also the milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness)

Wohnzimmerlicht is working fine in Basic UI
Basic UI

Screenshot things channel:

Did you try to change it’s type to Dimmer to see if it appears in PaperUI?

It should work also as a Switch… I don’t know what could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Dimmer Wohnzimmerlicht "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" [ "Lighting"]  { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}

Dimmer is working fine too.

Seems to be a combination between Switch,channel(channel=“milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness” )and paper ui.

I think, this is a new version of paper ui, because the look of other items changed.

I just checked my system and I have the same issue…

I have defined 2 items that are linked to a Dimmer type channel and only the Dimmer item appears in PaperUI control tab (and if I remember well, in a previous version that the one that I am running S#939… both appeared)

The switch (and the dimmer) currently appear both in BasicUI but not in PaperUI (only dimmer)

It seems that this is intended… :slight_smile:

You can do the same:

Dimmer Wohnzimmerlicht_D "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" [ "Lighting"]  { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}
Switch Wohnzimmerlicht_S "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" [ "Lighting"]  { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}

(note the item names [...]_D for Dimmer and [...]_S for Switch (or use whatever names you like :slight_smile:)

I don’t know if it’s intended, but it doesn’t make sense.

I tried your way with dimmer and switch, but only the first items in my items File appears in basic ui.

-> i can see the Dimmer in Paper Ui and Basic ui

-> i can see the switch(Switch only in basic ui)

Did you update your sitemap file to show both in BasicUI ?

But that Sitemap file isn’t necessary to update my basic UI. Never changed something there.

ah… you use the _default sitemap?

I recommend that you create a new sitemap file and try with that to see if BasicUI displays both.

I just checked mine and it works fine in BasicUI:

Here is a tip: Put both items in a Group and display the group in your sitemap:


Group All
Group gMilight (All)
Dimmer Wohnzimmerlicht_D "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" (gMilight) [ "Lighting"]  { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}
Switch Wohnzimmerlicht_S "Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung" (gMilight) [ "Lighting"]  { channel="milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness"}


Group	item=gMilight label="Milight" icon="light"

Thats true, but that’s not a solution for my paper ui issue. Something seems to be wrong with paper ui.

Edit: @Dim Thanks for helping me!
Edit2: Anyone else who got a solution for my paperui issue?

It seems to me that since this is reproducible, there won’t be a solution only for you… I don’t think that you have any errors in your configs.

Your best bet would be to open up an issue on and describe (as best as you can) the conditions in order to be checked by the maintainers who could come up with a bug fix.

Ps: Maybe? there is a “link” to

By the way… this shouldn’t happen…

The behavior of the system (not to display in PaperUI the Switch item) should be independent of the order of the items in your file…

What you are experiencing could be due to a conflict in the item names (did you check your openhab.log for any errors?)

Make sure that you are using different Item names for each line.

Hey Dim,
I can’t use one channel twice, like in your example[quote=“Dim, post:14, topic:29638”]
Group gMilight (All)
Dimmer Wohnzimmerlicht_D “Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung” (gMilight) [ “Lighting”] { channel=“milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness”}
Switch Wohnzimmerlicht_S “Wohnzimmerbeleuchtung” (gMilight) [ “Lighting”] { channel=“milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledbrightness”}

When i change Wohnzimmerlicht_D to this channel { channel=“milight:rgbwLed:F0FE6B2DC252:1:ledcolor”}, everything is fine in basic ui, but the switch is not working in paper ui.

Hi @m3tatai, thanks for opening an ESH issue here:
I will try to reproduce your issue and propose a fix.

Hello @henning,

thanks for your fast response. If u need any assistence, just let me know.