Paper UI only allows 1 item of each type per device

I have several ‘things’ that are dual zWave switches. Qubino and Fibaro. So each one usually has 3 switches, 3 power meters (W) and 3 energy meters (kWh)

But the paper UI only seems to allow ONE item of each type to be created. Trying to create a second has the ‘Link’ button greyed out.

Is there something magic I need to do to get 2 power meters for each of these dual switches?

This is how it looks for a Fibaro FGS223.
Maybe your device is not fully iniitalized if channels are missing?

No, the Channels (In the Thing) are there fine. Nothing missing in the channels.

I can’t create Items for the second channel of the same type. The Link Channel is unavailable (Link button greyed out)

Do you have “Simple Mode” switched ON? In this case items are created automatically (but just a guess, did not try that)

Not AFAIK because there’s are no auto created items. I’m adding them by hand.

This is consistent with all my multi-instance devices. Qubino & FIbaro


Have not seen or read something like that before, sorry.
Check your System settings if they do match mine: