Paper UI only shows {{title}} chevron_right {{subtitle}} in current build?

The topics says it all.
Anybody can confirm?

Yes, I can confirm and that’s why I deleted this snapshot build on Cloudbees already. Will provide a new one soon!

Fixed with the latest build! Sorry for the inconvenience…

Hmm…I downloaded yesterday the latest snapshot and I also see just “{{title}}” in the Paper UI, all other UI’s are working fine. ;(

Correction, Paper UI just works in Google Chrome!
In Edge and IE you see just “{{title}}”

This is known, see

I have this problem with my win 7 prof laptop in firefox, chrome and internet explorer.
I get htis error since i updated OH2 to build 595 3 days ago.
What can i do to solve the problem?

I updated to Build 607, now i can open the paperUI in internet explorer, but it shows not all things and i have problem with the homematic-binding(see my other threat).

I followed this guide:

And now I have the same error in Chrome. It just shows a header with: "{{title}} > {{subtitle}}"
The developer console shows the following errors:

jquery-ui.min.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: define is not defined
    at jquery-ui.min.js:1
    at jquery-ui.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.min.js:1
(anonymous) @ jquery-ui.min.js:1
angular.min.js:6 Uncaught Error: [$injector:modulerr]$injector/modulerr?p0=PaperUI&p1=Error%3A…20c%20(http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A8080%2Fui%2Fjs%2Fangular.min.js%3A19%3A463)
    at angular.min.js:6
    at angular.min.js:38
    at n (angular.min.js:7)
    at g (angular.min.js:37)
    at eb (angular.min.js:41)
    at c (angular.min.js:19)
    at yc (angular.min.js:20)
    at Zd (angular.min.js:19)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (angular.min.js:294)
    at j (jquery.min.js:2)

In Windows 10 Edge, the page works!

Is it just me or is something broken?

Did you try to clean the browser cache? Which openHAB version are you using?

Thank you Martin, it seems to be a caching problem. Opening the page in incognito mode works and also after cleaning browser cache :slight_smile:

I had similar problems.It seems to be the best to clean the cache after each update.