Paper UI Simplemode Items nameing

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When auto linking a item, the thing name or place is not transferred to the name.
This leeds me with 31 brightness in the habmin and habpanel when inserting on a gui.

What am i doing wrong ?


I’m not sure what you are asking.

When you have simple mode enabled, every Channel gets an Item created and the name of the Item is the Channel ID with the “:” replaced with “_”.

In HABpanel/HABmin the dropdown list is populated with the item label. Because the autogeneration of items puts the same label “brightness” on all of his brightness items, he can’t distinguish which one is which.

PaperUI also displays the item name to let him at least see the difference.

I guess he wants to file an issue to HABmin/HABpanel, to correct this. In my opinion it would be best to use the item name instead of the label for all dropdowns in PaperUI & any other GUI.

Well, the name of an Item needs to be unique but the label of the Item needs to be meaningful. So what really needs to be done is to allow users to change the labels of their Items in simple mode. I think there are ways to do this through the REST API but if a user is on simple mode, they are probably not going to want to use the REST API.

My recommendation would be to turn off simple mode, even if it is just temporarily. This will enable the Items menu. From the Items menu you can go to each Item and change the Item’s label. When you are done you can turn simple mode back on.

It is probably worth filing an issue on the Eclipse SmartHome repo on this too. Explain that when using simple mode with lots of similar types of Things the generated labels on the Items are not meaningful.

I don’t think the item label is the appropriate selection criteria. Not sure if i am mixing up items and links though.

In my system the label depends on the view and is not globally distinctive.

  • If i show an item in a functional context (All Battery states), i want the label to show the location/device.
  • If i show an item in a device/locational context (e.g. Living Room) i want the label to show the function.

So, the the label definition on item level is at best some default.

Items can only have one label and indeed that is the default. That label can be overridden in the UI but that just changes what is shown to the user, it doesn’t change the label on the Item. And in simple mode, the label is the only piece of information you have where you can put meaningful information to help you identify the Item. Having a list of Item names that are just versions of the Channel Ids is only slightly better than what you have now.

The devs of HABPanel went out of their way to make the Item label be the selection criteria. They had their reasons. @ysc, do you have any thoughts or ideas that can make working with HABpanel in simple mode easier?

From what I understand, when the simple mode (a.k.a. autoLinks) creates items, it sets the Channel Type label (“Brightness”) as the Item label and doesn’t use the Thing label (“Bedroom Nord A2” in the example above), so it’ll be hard to tell items created from similar Channel Types apart, even if they’re coming from different Things.

I suppose that’s because in Paper UI’s Control tab you get a view of Things, therefore it’s not necessary to repeat their labels on the item labels; otherwise it would make sense to label the items something like “<Thing label> - <Channel Type>” (“Bedroom Nord A2 - Brightness”). In HABPanel however you get a flat list of items - it doesn’t even query the Things API.

I guess it could be done to add the Thing label to the item picker dropdown list, but it’s not that straightforward: while it’s simple to get a list of items related to a thing, the opposite is not true - AFAIK it would involve enumerating all of the things and their channels.

I think you are right.

It’s better to use the label for dropdowns, but the autogenerator should create more distinctive labels, which later can be overriden by the user.

For now, I did give you instructions above for how to provide your own labels for your Items above.

Sorry, I do not understand what this is about.

Posting #3 above

Ahh, i see. I wasn’t the OP, i just translated his question and joined the discussion.

My items have well organized names in item files and i do not use PaperUI and Simple Mode. But i remember the problems of the OP when i tried all that stuff.