Paper UI Updates


I have just done a new ESH stable build, which means that a list of changes have been included in the latest openHAB distro (#1002) by this.

You can see the full ESH change log here. Most of it are internal changes that should have no direct impact on users.
The most relevant changes are probably multiple updates to the Paper UI: It should be much faster now when rendering pages. Note that I had to hard clear the cache of my Chrome browser as otherwise I had seen strange effects. So please make sure to do the same before reporting bugs on it.
Besides performance improvements, the most visible change is a new layout of the binding list (under Configuration->Bindings". This is now more streamlined with other lists in the UI and a first step towards a more uniform UX across the different areas of the Paper UI.

Last but not least I want to mention that we have recently included two new bindings: Plugwise and Rego Heat Pump, which are both now included in the distro.

Have fun!


Great news! @Kai Seems like a 0.9.0 release of ESH could be imminent.

Hi @Kai, what’s ESH?

Eclipse SmartHome. It is the project that underlies all of openHAB and the source of openHAB’s architecture, most of the core functionality, and a number of the add-ons including PaperUI.


Thank you very much @rlkoshak

Great stuff Kai,

any chance of Dlink power plugs binding support? in paperui

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