Paper UI with a created sitemap


I would like to use Paper UI with a sitemap I’ve created. Please, can you explain me how to modify the URL?


The Paper UI currently does not support sitemaps, sorry.

Is it planned?

Not for the current version of sitemaps. We planned a revamp of sitemaps (see and they should be supported by the Paper UI as well then. But it is difficult to say, when this will happen as there is a lack of contributors and I am not a Javascript guy myself…

Will devices configured under paper show up in the older ui I guess? Or are sitemaps just completely broken is OH2? Or you just have to build a site map for it? I’m curious because I’m trying to setup openhab 2 beta 3 and. None of my sitemaps are even showing up.

See my answer on your other post. It is working here with several sitemaps.
You just have to keep in mind to use the following syntax

sitemap “name of the sitemap file withoud extension .sitemap” label=“whatever label”

In Paper UI you then select your sitemap under configuration/services/“classic ui” or basic ui.