PaperUI and HabPanel stop working if CometVisu is running

Hi all, I’m new to this forum but working with Homematic and OpenHAB for some time already. Now I look for a good visualization and decided to give a try to CometVisu. But any time I start CometVisu (visualization and PHP - via PaperUI or adding it to the addons.cfg) I cannot acces PaperUI and HabPanel anymore.

Even calling …51:8080/start/index just results in {{title}} > {{subtitle}}

After uninstalling both modules (CometVisu Backend, PHP support for CometVisu) and restarting openHAB, all is working normal. I also completely reinstalled openHAB and CometVisu - yes, it was a lot of work and I lost some own settings due to mistakes :frowning: - resulting in the same problem. Cleaning the cache also did not help (openhab-cli clean-cache).

My versions:
openHAB 2.4.0-1 (Release Build) on openHABianPi
CometVisu 0.11.0 (same problem with 0.10.x) on same Pi

I have not found this issue in the forum, so is this a known issue?
What do I need to check to find the reason?

Nothing changed after many tests. :frowning: Rebooting the Pi results in a working system. Then I just let the system doing some OpenHab stuff like triggering some events using DashButtons - but nothing else - for 12 hours. The I checked the load which was <<10% and the memory also seems to be ok. PaperUI, HabPanel and CometVisu are not responing in Firefox and Chrome but no error. Removing CometVisu and the PHP part off the addons.cfg uninstalled those two components. After a while PaperUI and HabPanel were accesible. Starting CometVisu and the PHP part let me work for a while in CometVisu but after some time PaperUI and HabPanel are not responding anymore again. No relevant error messages in the “openHAB 2 Log Viewer”. Meanwhile I installed CometVisu again. Same Problems.

Just running OpenHab2 and CometVisu (no HabPanel and no PaperUI) is ok. Running HabPanel and PaperUI without CometVisu is also ok.

What can I check to dive into the problem? Could be the web server for what ever reason be bussy by CometVisu and blocking any communication? Does soembody had a similar problem?

sounds like the ports are conflicting? Check which interface is running on which port

I also already thought about that. But the CometVisu community told me that “CometVisu is beeing served by openHABs internal Webserver (jetty), just like the other UIs. So there is no extra port.” I use for both installations (OpenHAB and CometVisu on RaspberryPi) the provided standard installations (image file for OpenHab and the Github version of CometVisu v0.10.x and v0.11.0). CometVisu (Backend and PHP-Support) then is “activated” in PaperUI/AddOn.

You know, I installed it, it ran and I believe you are right. Heck, actually its still on this machine and comes up as one of the interfaces @ http://localhost:8080/start/index

Just to inform: the problem still exists. It seems to me that it is a performance problem (some messages stuck somewhere?) on the PI. This dedicated PI3+ is running openHab and CometVisu. There are just “Loaded 39 openHAB items”, so should be ok. However, the current situation is, if I do not touch the system for quite a while then I can operate CometVisu. If I continue developing the ComeVisu pages then after about 20 to 30 mins I run into same problems.
Because I do not know how to monitor which resources of openHab and CometVisu, I cannot followup at this time but will monitor and see later…