PaperUI and openPanel not same Astro Information


i just startet with openHAB on a virtuel Server.
i got as first the Astro part running under Paper UI.

i have got it running under paperUI (not easy to know it is a dummy)

so it works at the end.

to have it nice on a samsung tab4 running i changed and did add openPanel.

so the first i found out the sunrise in PaperUI and openPanel is not the same, why this happen?

have a nice day

Please discuss that on the openPanel forum :sunglasses:

…or if you meant really Habpanel, please show the configuration of the related items and the used settings for HABPanel.

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sorry my mistake - paperUI and HABPanel :thinking:

You have not provided enough information to help.

In this case we need to know how you created your Things, how you created your Items, how you linked the Channel to the Items, and how you have configured HABPanel.