PaperUI Control tab - Cards are not aligned well

Hi Everyone!

I have a not really big problem with PaperUI, but I want to know if this is just in my case, or this is a “bug” or feature of openHab.
So in PaperUI in the Control tab, the boxes (cards) are not aligned well. I will post a screenshot below. There are huge white “spaces” in the tab. It makes it a little uncomfortable to use. Mainly I use it for debugging, testing something before creating sitemap/HabPanel for it, and it makes it a little bit harder (the bigger the screen, it will make it more harder). On phone it looks ok, because it is only has a one-row design.
Also maps are not aligned well in this view…
Are anyone having this? If yes, does this has a bug report? If not, which repo should I choose to report this?


See No. 1:


Firstly, it might be my fault that I don’t included, but I haven’t found any references to this before (which is really tries to solve this error).

So I think I use it for what is intended to do. However in my opinion this is not how originally designed to look.
If I can remember correctly, in earlier releases (2.1) I didn’t have this problem (or it’s because I didn’t have so much items and channels).

When I remember correctly the “Location” was added a while ago, the view in PaperUI Control can be adjusted by using those. All items not having a location tag are shown under “Others” (I think)

Okay, tested this and it seems I was right:

Thing <binding_id>:<type_id>:<thing_id> "Label" @ "Location" [ <parameters> ]

gives you:

Maybe I wasn’t clear…
It’s not a problem that everything is under the ‘Other’ tab, but the cards itself are not aligned well. If you see my screenshot, then you can see that the left and middle column are empty (and this is not the bottom of the page). I have a lots of these empty spaces between these cards…

that’s normal because: the Spotify Thing has multiple Items and these are grouped
This “grouping” extends the layout
if you scroll all the way up, there should be another grouping of Items under a Thing

Here is an example from my Control tab (if you have multiple Things, they should align and fill the empty spaces)

example with only 1 out of 3 columns filled in (only 1 Thing in that tab):

Yes, but if this is the case, this layout is not worth it…
Why wouldn’t it can wrap this empty space and shift the cards below these space to these spaces?

I don’t understand your question…

there are 3 columns
it seems that you have only 3 things in the “Other” Control Tab
they are placed correctly in the layout
the “problem” is that your Spotify Thing has a large number of Items within its grouping and this extends the length of the page, leaving empty space on column 1 & 2 below the other Thing groups (aka cards).
You can’t split the (card) grouping of the Items from 1 Thing in other columns.
If this was possible: How would you know to which Thing the split Items belong to?

Anyway, now that you understand better how it works, you can open up a feature request on github if you want
The cards are aligned well, the grouping is the “problem” (not a problem if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:)


it should be good enough. For daily use it is not meant anyway …

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How do you have multiple groups in the Control panel? :slight_smile: It is auto-defined or did you tuned the PaperUI to group your items/things?

I have uploaded a few screenshots here, maybe you understand it better.

Yes, but as you can see on the scrollwheel that ‘Spotify’ item doesn’t consume that much space. I have much more items below that item (on the left, middle and right column as well).

Yes I really only use it for that and I can live with that. But I wasn’t sure that this is only the case for me or everyone has this…
If it can be solved, it will be a huge help for me, but if not and usually other users doesn’t complain about this, then I can live with that.


It’s a secret ! :stuck_out_tongue:

(modify the “Location” of your Things to place them under different Control tabs)

I see the screenshots… strange… this doesn’t happen to my tabs… they are autoaligned

Oh thanks :slight_smile: I didn’t know what that ‘Location’ was for until now :slight_smile:
I will try to group it now, maybe I have too much items in that ‘Other’ tab that causes this.
Anyway you understand my problem now :slight_smile: I know this is not a big and annoying bug, I just wanted to let other know that only I have this problem or others. If I can I will make a feature request to solve it. But in which repo?

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PaperUI “breathes and lives” under:
check if there are any existing open issues on this one
your layout should have been auto-aligned… this maybe a bug actually :blush:

Thanks :slight_smile: I have started grouping things, and I only have a few in each group, the alignment seems OK for now.

Will update this later when I have my full groups.
Anyway thanks for this, now that Control tab looks more usable :slight_smile:

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I have made my groups, now they are much better, but this bug is there. I can still see somewhere are these empty spaces…
I will report it.

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