PaperUI does not show real status and/or conflicting status

Not a big thing, but certainly confusing:
I have some hue lights and a pilight switch, all works great, but the PaperUI needs to be reloaded to show correct and consistent statuses. Example below
Please note that I switched on the “Living room Lights paintings” through the android App (and they are on), but they are shown as off (red icon); the hue lights (grouped un Ambiance light) are on too, triggered through a rule, but the PaperUI, shows an inconsistent status: note that the switch icon is green (on), but the on/off slider is ‘off’ (position at the left) also in reality the lights are on. Once I reload the page all is as it should be …
Here the screenshot:

and just for clarity here the same after a manual reload of the web-page:
Please note that the color of ‘Living Room Lights Painting’ changed to green (because they are really on), and the sliders of the hue lights are to the right (on position) as it would concur with their real status and the green colored icon…

Am I missing something?