PaperUI not displaying units

  • openHAB version:
    openHABian 201908050414-gitca0976f-crc6a66b5a1
    openHAB v2.4.0

  • Issue of the topic:
    When adding channels to an item, e.g. Temperature, I can only select Number as format. The number is displayed right, but the unit (°C) is not displayed. Same with power and energy readings.

Any suggestion?


Which Binding ?
How does your item look like ?
How does your sitemap look like ?

Generic MQTT Thing


Do you have a .sitmap File ?
I have no experience with PaperUI ceated Items as my setup is “handmade” with text-files.

Is it possible for you to select a dimension in your item in PaperUI like this?:

just started from scratch, no sitemap file.

in an older version it was possible to select temperature, but not in the most recent version of paperUI.

is there any good example on how to convert the jsondb from paper to single files?

You should be able to give the linked item a dimension using PaperUI.

Sorry, can’t help you then. I also don’t know if there’s a way to convert from jsondb (Idon’t think it’s possible)
but if your using VSC as Editor it should be possible to create all your items automatically (takes milliseconds :wink:). While I’m writing, I see that Jürgen gives you an answer, but I don’t know if it’s possible, when the Binding doesn’t support UoM.


No. I remember it from the previous version. I started from scratch again.
The selection for Temperatur is missing.

Don’t have this…


Am I missing an extension for VS?

Does the channel support Number:Temperature ?

Not selectable in PaperUI

IMHO this would have NOT been using the MQTT binding! Something like weather…

May be ! :wink:

have the openHAB extension… strange

I think I’ll start from scratch again using files for configuration, seems to be way more powerful
will bother you again with questions about the config file :wink:

thx so far

Channels can be of Number type, channels can be of Number:Temperature type, it depends what the binding offers.

Are you using VSC from a Windows-Computer ? If so, have you linked your OpenHab-Path to a network-share like this ?

I had problems in the past with that only using the samba-share.

I got my knowings from the german website with detailed explanation from @Udo_Hartmann. Pls have a look here

im using vsc on mac.
samba share is mounted