PaperUI not visible after restore

Hi all,

I moved my OH2 2.5 installation from Raspi3 to a Raspi4 with Openhabian.

I did a Backup via openhabian-config, also the restore via that procedure. I can access the Webportal on Port 8080 but I only see the tiles for LogViewer, Openhabian Help, Habpanel and Homebuilder and I am missing the one for PaperUI.

Any ideas what went wrong? Or how can I re-install (?) just the PaperUI component?


Try a restart possibly clear cache. I had this happen in the past and restarts fixed it.


sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service
sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

and it works. Thanks for the (obvious) hint :+1::roll_eyes:


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Your welcome!

Classic :smiley: