PaperUI number item with unit can be changed only once

i have a Number item in PaperUI connected with a channel of type Number:Temperature (with unit in Celsius).
I can edit the item from PaperUI > Control and change the number (temperature), but once I click the check mark to confirm the change and the item is changed (which is reflected in the binding logs), then the item cannot be changed anymore: the UI does not allow me to change the value.
Only by refreshing the page in the browser (F5) I can then change the value again.
Is this a bug with PaperUI ?
Any hints?
See a small video of the current wrong behavior below:


after the first change the item cannot be changed anymore until page refresh.


I can confirm the issue, please feel free to enter a report at


There is another issue, not sure if it is related or not: the channel is defined as:
<state pattern="%.1f %unit%" step="0.5" />
however the step limitation is not supported by the up/down arrows, as it can be seen in the video were value is increased/decreased by 1 and not by 0.5.
Also if I enter 22.5 this is converted by the UI to 22.0, so I cannot enter step values as specified in the channel.

Shall I create another issue for this?


Yes, this sounds like another issue that you can report as well. Thanks!

Here it is:

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Heads up: i now changed the channel+handler to use Number (no unit), but the problem with the item that can be changed only once is still there!!
(of course I re-created the thing/item before testing).
So it looks like the problem is not related to units, but in general with the PaperUI handling Number items.

Also the problem is there if I change the number in the textbox and do not use the arrows.
Is this really a general problem with all Number items managed by PaperUI ?
If yes: how many bindings can work in PaperUI ???

below the item definition and channel definition:

  link: http://localhost:8080/rest/items/openwebnet_bus_thermostat_0e0cf79b_1_setpointTemperature",
  state: "20",
  stateDescription: {
    pattern: "%.0f",
    readOnly: false,
    options: [ ]
  editable: false,
  type: "Number",
  name: "openwebnet_bus_thermostat_0e0cf79b_1_setpointTemperature",
  label: "Setpoint Temperature",
  category: "Temperature",
  tags: [
  groupNames: [ ]

Channel definition (i removed the state and the problem is still there!)

    <channel-type id="setpointTemperature">
        <label>Setpoint Temperature</label>
        <description>The setpoint temperature</description>
        <!--  <state pattern="%.1f %unit%" step="0.5" /> -->
        <!--  <state pattern="%.1f" step="0.5" /> -->