[PaperUI] performance issue

I’m not sure if this an issue or not. But I’ve got several “things” added in OH (72 channels in total for all of those things linked), one of the channels is constantly changing its value (every second, just a test) which causes a “items?recursive=false” request on every change.

The problem is, all the responses for the “items?recursive=false” request contain ALL 72 links, e.g. even those 71 that never changes.

I’ve been monitoring it for 1 hour, and it has downloaded 77mb of the “items?recursive=false” responses.

Is this something expected?

It is definitely making everything very slow, especially when the rest of the 72 channels start changing, because literally for every change PaperUI makes another request to get ALL 72 links.


I wouldn’t be too surprised if this is expected behavior. PaperUI is intended to be used as an administration interface, not for the day to day home automation interface. Consequently, I doubt the performance of PaperUI was a major concern. It is a UI that isn’t going to be used all that often.