PaperUI Profiles

How does the PaperUI decide on what profiles to show when trying to manually link a channel? I have a binding (sony) that dynamically generates it’s channels and when you try to link a channel - no profiles appear. Any pointers would be appreciated…

You link a “Thing” channel to an “item”.
What are you referring to as a profile?

He is likely asking about:

I’ve started playing with profiles some time ago, but just in config files:

… but I’m not aware yet of configuring the link profile in PaperUI.

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Sorry, I have not researched that advanced yet.


For some reason - these channels have no profiles and I don’t know why (other dynamically generated channels have a selection of profiles {system:default, etc}). But for some reason - these do not and I have to assume that I’m not generating the channel with enough information for the system to figure it out. I started to dive into the profile code itself but don’t see why none are displayed…