PaperUI Sort Order

Sounds really bad because I can’t quite see what sort order paperui has to sort channels. Obviously not the channel name nor does it seem to be the id…

It doesn’t sort. It get’s the results from openHAB core and presents them exactly like that.

If the core stores thing channels in a hashmap there is no obvious order to them.

Cheers, David

Darn - guess I’ll wait for PaperNG and see if that changes. Really a pain there is no sorting when you have a thing that literally has 100 channels (a sort order would make it MUCH easier to use then)

If you write your own Sitemap you can put things in any order you like. Also if you have a text based Items file and Group your items appropriately they will show up in the order you have them. This has been my experience.

Not everyone likes editing the text files though.

Yep - but I’m actively developing a binding (sony) that has hundreds of channels and PaperUI makes a GREAT testbed for channels. Once it’s stable - I’d agree with you