Paradigma SystaComfort II anyone?

Hi Ben, what’s an “OP”? :slight_smile:
Since this thread got flooded with slightly off-topic posts, I started a new one here: Paradigma Heating Program Change

I guess I’ll have to do some more explanations, but I didn’t want to go through the work before anyone raised interest. More to come.

Hi Beluga,

OP means “Original Poster”, the person who startet the topic/thread/discussion. I just wanted to make clear I’m not him/her because this discussion has so few participants. Thank you for the link to the new thread, I’ll have a look!


Hi, just to follow up a few years later, I have started a project to add a REST API for the Paradigma SystaComfort. GitHub - beep-projects/SystaPi: Adding a REST API to Paradigma SystaComfort units
With that it should be easy to integrate it into OpenHAB.


I made a video about that topic. Unfortunately it’s in German but maybe it‘s still helpful for someone. Maybe with English subtitles.

openHAB3 (deutsch) Modbus Binding am Beispiel SystaComfort 2 von Paradigma