Paradox EVO Binding

If you find what needs to be sent for arming/disarming partitions on EVO192 please let me know.
I’ll try to implement it as soon as possible.
I’m still not 100% sure that we need to enable disarming partitions from the binding, due to security impact but I can implement enablement of it through flag in configuration probably…

Meanwhile if I have time today after work will try the proposed change of states to CONTACT type and if successful I will push it to repo, together with new .jar.


I agree with you. Probably You can check with the Founders how safe connection is. There was a discussion with the binding as well. It was finalized recently. If somebody wants he can change to direct access skip using of I use this GPStracker and Network binding and some sensors to control my smartlock when I’m leaving and arrive home. My example would be that I would like to have armed/disarmed and zone statuses and I do not want to control (arm or disarm) alarm through Openhab. But I’d like to control my smartlock based on armed/disarmed statuses. I made a rule but no success. Here is the status change in the log file:
2019-01-15 09:22:36.022 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - ParadoxPartCiEpulet_State changed from Disarmed to Armed

Here is the rule expression:

rule “Zár kinyit riaszto”
Item ParadoxPartCiEpulet_State changed
if (ParadoxPartCiEpulet_State == DISARMED ) {
if (DanalockV3BTZE_DoorLock.state == ON) {

I tried
ParadoxPartCiEpulet_State == Disarmed
ParadoxPartCiEpulet_State == “Disarmed”

but non of the expressions were good. Do you have a guess how should I use?
I have’t looked Paradox communication protocol yet but I will as I promised.

I’ve just fixed the metadata as per your request. Now Zone states should be contacts.
Also figured that there were a lot of copy/paste errors in metadata when looking from paper UI. Sorry that I missed these but I usually do stuff manually via VSCode IDE. Now tested with Paper UI here and there and hopefully the labels are more clear.
Also updated the README.MD to clarify a bit things and channels.

If you’re willing to test please let me know if all works good. (and of course first backup the old .jar file as I did) :slight_smile:


I’m still playing with Your binding. Send me a link for a new jar file and I will test.

Same place as before - target folder of the branch.



Hi all,
To whom might be concerned about the binding…
I plan to update my home system to 2.5.0-milestone this weekend and will also probably move the development to new release in order to align everything with the changes announced by Kai this week, related to ESH and OpenHAB core framework. Probably will remove the current pull request and will create new one for this development.
This means that all future builds will not run on the 2.4.0-STABLE anymore.
For this reason I will upload the 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT JAR somewhere for people with old release but all future fixes and improvements will come with 2.5.0.


I use openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1496 with your binding without any problem. Plus I did a try about the contact state.

It works well. Only thing what do not work for me or at least I have not find a solution, in rules trigger something if partition state changes (Arm or Disarm). I wanted to trigger my smart lock:

Haven’t tried rules yet (no time for home automation currently) but you could try the ReceivedUpdate ReceivedCommand events instead of changed… not sure if “changed” wraps any of these though…

Hm… I just tried it at home and this simple rule logs what I expect when partition changes state, while my proposal is not valid because the scheduler will flood you with updates if you use the received update event.

rule “Partition updates state” when Item partition3State changed then
logInfo(“PARADOX”, + " changed to " + partition3State.state)

2019-01-28 15:57:22.751 [INFO ] [lipse.smarthome.model.script.PARADOX] - partition3State changed to Disarmed

I think I see your issue. You need to do if (item.state == “Armed” / “Disarmed”) instead of item == “Armed” / “Disarmed”

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Many thanks! It works. After 3 sec it locks or unlocks.

Just document the example for others. It should looks like that:

Just to clear, when can I expect it in the milestone build included? Currently I keep this binding’s jar file in addon folder besides the normal addon files.

I’ve opened a pull request last year but with recent transition from ESH back to OpenHAB core probably the reviewers don’t have time for this right now. (
I also need to do the necessary changes in the code to have the requirements in the headers based on the switch mentioned by Kai, so I’m thinking about canceling this pull request, flatten all changes and create new one in current condition for 2.5.0 version the next days. Btw I successfully upgraded my homes system to 2.5.0 milestone and so far no issues so next is to do the changes in the coding in Paradox binding


Thanks. I use 2.5.0 as well together with that binding. Just let me know in witch version it will be included in normal addon file. Than I will refresh and do a trial. Thanks for your previous hint. To be honest I do not understand why I did not find the problem by myself.



Hi all,
I have closed the old PR.
The binding code has been moved to 2.5.0 version and I have flatten all changes for easier reading by reviewers.
Also updated the licensing information as per this thread:

New PR:

New location of JAR files:
EDIT (Had to move them out of the bindign folder so decided to create new repo for binaries):



I updated to openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1512 and downloaded org.openhab.binding.paradoxalarm-2.5.0-SNAPSHOT.jar. It works without any problem. Thanks. Binding is not included this OH version. I had to put jar file to addon folder.


Thanks for testing!

Until the PR is approved the procedure will be manual download of .jar -> put under addons folder.
I’ll put a note here if/once the pull request has been integrated in main openhab addons.



Thank you for the binding!

Unfortunately it does not work for my installation:
Openhab 2.5.0.M1 on Windows
Paradox EVO192 3.20, IP150 1.39.02/020

It says login to IP150 is ok, but then it fails:
[INFO ] [l.handlers.ParadoxIP150BridgeHandler] - Phase1 - Identify communicator
[INFO ] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Login - Login to IP150 - OK
[ERROR] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Logon to panel failure.
[INFO ] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Logout packet sent to IP150.
[INFO ] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Stopping communication to Paradox system
[INFO ] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Waiting the socket to close…
[INFO ] [al.communication.GenericCommunicator] - Communicator closed successfully.
[ERROR] [.handlers.ParadoxAlarmHandlerFactory] - Unable to create IP150 Bridge handler. Exception: {} Unable to read from socket or received data is wrong.
followed by a long dump of details.

Any ideas what could be the problem?
To double-check: The pcPassword is only numeric and is the usual access code to the alarm system put in manually in the panel, isn’t it?


the error says it all - Logon to panel failure.

Either the ip150 password or PC password are wrong.
PC Password is not your pin but the numeric value of section 3012 of programming. Default is 0000.

I’ve updated the documentation a bit during the review. Now it’s more readable than before I believe.
Please check again:

Also it would be probably good idea if I upload another build because I’ve changed a lot the handling during the code review process, especially the creation and asynchronous communication.

Best regards,

Thank you for the fast reply!
I was not aware that there is an other pin … for the http-access and the free Android-app I use, the usual pin was sufficient.
The default does not work - I have to ask my security company, hopefully they will tell me the PC password.