Paradox or DSC Alarm Panel Emulation

Hi guys.
Is there a way to emulate a DSC or Paradox Alarm Panel Serial Data in order to connect my Self Made Alarm System based on a WAGO PLC to a Monitoring Security Company over GPRS using a standard Communicator via OPENHAB.
The Alarm System based on a WAGO PLC communicates to OPENHAB via Modbus Protocol and all events are interpreted correctly in OPENHAB via liked Items.
The Alarm System based on WAGO PLC has its own way of sending SMS to my and my family but thru Digital IO’s, Like Alarm: Armed, Disarmed , Away or Stay , System In Alarm or OK, Fire/Water/Gas Alarm or OK,Main’s Power Los and Recovery.
I am away quite a lot and want the Alarm System to be Monitored by a Dispatch Security Company over GPRS and looks like all GPRS Communicators are made for DSC - Keybus Connection or Paradox Serial Protocol.
So in order to send my events to a monitoring Dispatch Security Company I need to emulate either a DSC Panel or slightly easier way, Paradox Alarm Panel Events directly over Serial and use the OpenHab Serial Binding.
The protocol of the Paradox Serial Communication is a 37 Bytes Code , but will be quite difficult for me to create that code as my knowledge is not that high.
Is anybody able to help me out with on this matter, I’ve been looking in so many options and communicators.
Thanks in advance to you all.