Parsing JSON data for thermostat

I’m not sure why I’m having so much trouble parsing the JSON from my thermostat. When I go to the url below, I get this JSON data:


This is the item I have in my file:

Number Hallway_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °F]" { http= <[$.temp)]" }

I’m not getting any errors and the item is showing up in my UI. It’s just not displaying any temperature. Here is my sitemap:

Text item=Hallway_Temperature label=“Temperature Inside” icon=“temperature”

Answered my own question. I’ll leave it here in case anyone else makes the same mistake.

You can’t put a “label” in your item if you want it to display dynamic information. I removed "label=“Temperature Inside” and it worked. =)

You can use a label, but it has to end with [%s] or [%d] and so on. So label="Temperature Inside [%.1f]" should work.