Parsing json data from mqtt topic to number items

Hello, i need help with parse data from MQTT topic to items:

MQTT Topic name: /weatherstation/

{"datetime_utc": "2022-03-10T20:01:01", "Temperature_in_[C]": 24.5, "Humidity_in_[%]": 34, "Humidity_out_[%]": 31, "Barometer_rel_in_[hpa]": 1086.01, "Barometer_abs_in_[hpa]": 999.19, "Temperature_out_[C]": 23.22, "Wind_direction_[degree]": 359, "Wind_speed_[km/h]": 0.0, "Wind_gust_speed_[km/h]": 0.0, "Solar_radiation_[W/m^2]": 0.0, "UV_[km/h]": 0.0, "Rain_rate_[]": 0.0, "Rain_event_[]": 0.0, "Rain_hourly_[]": 0.0, "Rain_daily_[]": 0.0, "Rain_weekly": 0.012, "Rain_monthly_[]": 0.012, "Rain_total_[]": 0.012, "Barometer_rel_in_calc_[hpa]": 1026.8}

I have data from mqtt in string weatherstation.
String weatherstation "weatherstation data [%s]" {channel="mqtt:topic:mqtt_thing:weatherstation" }


Number   Temperature   "Temp [%.1f °C]" <temperature>  
Number   Humidity      "Humidity [%d %%]" <humidity>      
Number   Wind      "Wind"   <wind>

How parse data from string into number items? Thanks for help

Have you looked at any forum postings about using JSONPATH with MQTT?
The usual way would be to have multiple channels, each parsing out the relevant part of the JSON payload, ready to link to different Items.