Particle photon

Hi guys.
Was wondering if anybody tried to use them in there home ? And if so how .

I am looking at buying some . For weather station and more controlers for outside ?

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There are no more than overprived ESP8266 dev boards
Look at the Wemos d1 mini instead

That was my thougt about it. As i already use wemos d1 in my system. Just need to source how to build the weather system. As i want to do wind direction&speed. Temp presure rain mesurments. And uv index. :see_no_evil:

I have a few Particle Photon running sending sensor data for example the monitor my water cistern. Data is send via Particle Cloud and MQTT. I also have some Wemos D1 running.

I think it depends on which problem you would like to solve. I personally like the tooling ecosystem and OTA updates build in (yes this is possible with ESP as well). They also have some more GPIO pins, external antenna, backup RAM retained while powered off, etc.
So yes there are more expensive then Wemos D1 or other nodemcu boards. At the end you pay for the ecosystem and Particle Cloud, not only the board. Depending on your use cases and give the additional value you get it might be worth the money.

All i want to do is a weather station. But are they worth it ? My whole system is sonof t1. And esp. all that bothers me is the cloud based ide and link that it uses. As i am in South africa and in a small town. Not the best inernet service from ether our isp. Lots of network outages

Weather stations are fun. There are plenty of guides on the net on how to build them. I would stick to a wemos D1.

I will. I know them now. And they are easy to use.
I use the one as a controller for my outside ligts .
And later ad 1 for my pool and spa. With solid state relays.

For a weather station, with no internet connection or any other of the Particle extras needed I would also stick with a Wemos board.