Password for openhab openhab:2.2.0-armhf-debian-data-2

I have setup OH on my qnap in container station (Docker) but i can find out what the password is for OH2
i have set up this version openhab:2.2.0-armhf-debian-data-2

The default username/password is openhab:habopen, so enter habopen at the password prompt.

username openhabian and password openhabian


I have tried to use these passwords but unsuccessfully can I do something else, or is ther away to set the password

It’s the sudo-password, maybe that helps Password necessary in face of sudo

when i tried that i get this


Sorry, but for Docker also:
The default password for the login is habopen

I have also tried habopen and Habopen and openhabian but i still cant get the right one
can i have installed the docker wrong

There are no users with passwords in the Docker Image as far as I know. The openhab:habopen combo is for logging in to the karaf console.

How are you obtaining that prompt where you are running sudo?

Typically you don’t log into a container to change things. You changed how the images is built. The container is a skinny as possible so you won’t be able to do much being running OH anyway. The image doesn’t even have ping installed.

Ok tanks
but i cant setup my aeon z-wave usb on my qnap using the qnaps ssh so i tried to user terminal i Docker