Patching bundles


currently I try to fix some performance issues I had with habpanel. For that I try to modify a file in the habpanel jar file.

But my problem is that this file is not recognized if I put it in the addons folder

If I put the original jar file there it is recognized and habpanel is started automatically.

But if I use exactly this file. Extract the content. Modify the file and create a new jar file, this one is not recognized. I can install it manually with “bundle:install file:///dataDisk/openhab-runtime/addons/org.openhab.ui.habpanel-2.1.0.jar”. After that I have to start it manually. But this does not work. I don’t see any habpanel log message and habpanel does not work too.

Has anyone an idea?

found the reason. It was my fault. The Manifest file was not included properly. Instead a default one was created.

Now everything works.